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Manhattan Street Photography Photowalk and Lecture

Price: $149.99 + tax
(Early Bird Special $129.99 Valid until May 12, 2019)

When: June 1, 2019
Where: New York City


TIME FROM 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Join us on a street-photography adventure to experience and develop your own candid-style shooting in Manhattan with two experienced street photographers Theresa Keil and Bill Cohen as your instructors.

The goal of this class is to take images that evoke an emotional response from the viewer and identify with city life and the human condition.

We will focus on capturing interesting candid images and is not about getting technically perfect photos. New photographers and experienced photographers alike will benefit from this hands-on photowalk experience.

We begin the day with an early morning class at Mack to set your camera and brief you on philosophies and perspectives for stealthy street-photography shooting! We will all board a NJ Transit bus together **round-trip fee is included in cost of class** arriving to NYC late-morning to begin photographing the bustling surrounding area of the Port Authority.

Upon us arriving to the city you will be assigned to an instructor with a small group of students so that you can learn to photograph in a relaxed and stealth-like manner. *This midtown Manhattan area is heavily populated with vibrant businesses, visiting tourists and locals. *Aside from a brief lunch break, we will practice photographing until 2:30PM and then reconvene to head back to Mack.

Return back to Springfield will be by around 4pm. *No experience required.*

Join us the following week on Saturday June 8th from 10am-12pm for a second class which will serve as an open forum of review, critique, and editing of your street photography. We will discuss what worked in your images and what could be improved as well as prepare and edit one image for print. Complimentary 11x14 fine art print included in second class.

Break for lunch will be 12:00pm-12:30pm and lunch, which is at your discretion, is not included in the cost of this photowalk class.

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